When he was born, the midwife told her parents: «You have had a chameleon.»
After the emotion of giving birth to a reptile, the worst omens were confirmed.
As the creature imitated, sang and danced with self-confidence (nor necessarily good) fate led him to pursue an acting career.
There are many great theatres and auditoriums in which he has not performed and long ovations that he has not received. In spite of everything, he is still there, persevering, among other things because it is the only thing he knows how to do, but receiving praise even from people who are not relatives or friends.
Now that boy has become a fibrous and handsome scoundrel with green eyes and 1.70 high who devotes his time exclusively to the performing arts.
His audiovisual experiences have never been very useful but he dreams of having a good opportunity one day to abandon that disappointment.