NIFF – Navarra International Film Festival is born as a meeting point for creators and various disciplines (music, dance, theatre) in order to promote inclusion and generate a social debate through film and its protagonists.

Currently, Navarra has good infrastructures, attractive locations and a constantly boiling film industry thanks to the tax incentives for the industry and film production and thanks to the creation of film studios like Melitón Studios, in the Baztán Valley, the main promoter of the NIFF.

A privileged situation that allows us to work to sensitise society about the constant bombardment of information. Thus, NIFF is born to generate denunciation, impact and social growth; to fight against lack of commitment; to accommodate a wide variety of opinions; and to place people as the epicenter of everything.

All this will be carried out through projections and other activities on the six chosen themes: the planet, migrations, the elderly, disability, feminism and the LGTBI + collective.

A festival that is presented as a new tool to promote this diverse and rich land as an ideal space for film and audiovisual production.