He was trained at the William Layton Theater Laboratory and at the Abbey Theater by Vicente Fuentes, Ernesto Arias, Raul Iaza, Lidia Otón, José Luis Torrijo, Imna Nieto, Carmen Losa, José Pedro Carrión, Mariano Gracia, Cipri Lodosa, Paca Ojea and Arnold Taraborrelli. He has also conducted direction workshops and stage creation with Andrés Lima, Alfredo Sanzol, Carles Alfaro, Carlos Tuñón, Jhon Strasberg, Fernanda Orazi or Will Keen among others.

As creator he was selected in 2009 for the fourth edition of the Encuentros de Magalia, and in 2018 for the Encuentros de la Magdalena, both organized by the Network of Alternative Theaters.

In these moments it is part of the distribution of two new entremeses (short plays), never represented before, produced by the Theater of the Abbey and directed by Ernesto Arias. Also with production of the Theater of the Abbey he was part of the cast of The Last Days of Mankind, based on the text by Karl Krauss and directed by Susana Gómez.

He has participated in numerous productions such as Luces de Bohemia by the company La Ortiga, co-produced with the Gayarre Theater and nominated for a Max as a revelation show in 2008, Bancarrota (Bankrupt) directed by Fabio Mangolini, La edad de la ciruela (The Age of Plum) and De como moría y resucitaba Lázaro el lazarillo (On how Lázaro el lazarillo died and resurrected) both directed by Aristides Vargas, Momo directed by Álvaro Morales and La Venta (The sale) product of the encounter with the company of William Layton and directed by Cipri Lodosa.

In 2012 he launched La Caja Flotante, a company in which he has presented five productions and a short piece: El círculo de tierra based on El Círculo de tiza caucásica de Bertolt Brecht (The circle of soil based on The Caucasian Circle of Chalk by Bertolt Brecht) and premiered at the Gayarre Theatre. La Esfera que nos contiene (The sphere that contains us) by Carmen Losa, Candidate to a Max as a Revelation Show, programmed at the National Drama Center in season 16/17 and winner of the second prize in the stage directors contest of Torrejón de Ardoz. Fuera de juego (Out of the game) of Enzo Cormann, directed by Iñigo Rodríguez-Claro a play that has been performed at Nave73, Teatro Gayarre, Teatro del Barrio and in the Sala Haceria in Bilbao. The short piece Marcela, the voice of the free woman, premiered at the Festival de Olite in 2017. The last works with La Caja have been Gris / Mar by Jose Padilla, premiered at the Olite Festival in 2018 and Catástrofe (Catastrophe) by Antonio Rojano.

In cinema he has worked in “B” with director David Ilundáin, winner of three Goya prizes, and in La Conspiración de Pedro Olea (The conspiracy of Pedro Olea). He has also worked on television with appearances in serials such as Tirando a dar (Aiming to hit), Centro médico (Medical Centre), and in Euskadi Comanche produced by ETB.