Audiovisual Company founded in Pamplona in 1982, it represents a fully committed way of understanding cinema and with a vocation to maintain encounters with the public while offering a rich, attractive and varied film offer.

The cinematographic exhibition was the first audiovisual area where GOLEM started and at present it has a total of 42 screens in six facilities in cities like Pamplona, ​​Burgos, Madrid and Bilbao.

Since its beginning, GOLEM strives to create and maintain unmistakable hallmarks. On one hand, its cinematographic spaces enjoy the superb technical quality of the screenings and the comfort and good attention offered to the public, something that contributes to make its cinemas a place where to enjoy good films with the greatest possible comfort. On the other, it is firmly committed to offer different cinematographies, including the most significant proposals from the present and the future, without forgetting other types of films which are normally framed and shown within its special programs.

The company is fully dedicated to the dissemination of culture at its best, innovating both from the technological point of view and the content point of view to make a great bet for not only commercial films but also with independent films which are highly ideologically committed and risky both socially and culturally. Its vision is to show social and cultural values transversely so they can contribute to the enrichment of the viewers.