The Gayarre Theater is a theatre from 1932 located in Pamplona, ​​capital of the Comunidad Foral de Navarra (Spain), on Avenida Carlos III. The origin of the theatre dates back to 1841 when it was built as the Teatro Principal in the Plaza de la Constitución (now Plaza del Castillo) to close it on its south face and sharing the front with the Palacio de Navarra (then Palacio de la Diputación), when the land of the convent of the Carmelitas Descalzas (Discalced Carmelites) was used after its confiscation.

It was made by the architect Pedro Manuel Ugartemendía, with a façade by José de Nagusia, who also directed the works. This theatre came to replace the old Patio and Casa de Comedias, located on the street of the same name since 1608. The Teatro Principal was named that way until 1903, when it changed its name in honour of the roncalés tenor Julián Gayarre.

In 1931, at the time when it was decided to open the Plaza del Castillo to the south, to create the Avenida Carlos III, the old theatre was demolished and moved to the new location, keeping only its facade, the most representative, which unfortunately lost part of its architectural interest, when its classic façade disappeared and was replaced by a French version an open gallery on the first floor.

The new building, a project by Javier Yárnoz, won the contest convened by the City Council of Pamplona in 1929 and given the irregular block where is located, the architect adapted the theatre accordingly and so it opened its doors on May 3, 1932.

The theatre is owned by Pamplona City Council. The construction company Erroz y San Martín, built the theater in December 1931 and applied for the exploitation of the theatre which was granted. That contract lasted until 1942 when it was subsequently renewed but taken over by the Sociedad Anónima Inmobiliaria de Espectáculos (SAIDE). In 1953, faced with the need for urgent reforms, the company SAIDE agreed to cover the costs and therefore a new contract was signed that was due to end on May 3, 2003, although the municipal plenary decided on its reversion five years earlier, in May 1998. The Fundación Municipal Teatro Gayarre was constituted for the management of the theatre and after the final reversal of the contract, important refurbishment works have been carried out.

The management board of the Foundation Municipal Gayarre Theater is chaired by the Mayor of Pamplona and has five members (one of them acting as Vice President), one per municipal political group or non-attached councillor and it is, therefore, a board formed exclusively by politicians.