He is an stage director and actor who has directed more than 50 classical and contemporary theatre shows, the most recent ones for the NATIONAL CLASSIC THEATER COMPANY http://teatroclasico.mcu.es/.
He has worked as an actor https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexruizpastor in theatre, film and television under the direction of directors such as Montxo Armendariz, Paco Mir, etc.
He is Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Stage Directors of Spain http://www.adeteatro.com/detalle_socio.php?id_socio=237
He has been Artistic Director of the Classic Theatre Festival of Olite www.oliteteatrofestival.com
He is Member of the Jury of the Almagro Classic International Theatre Festival https://festivaldealmagro.com/home/

He has launched numerous cultural projects and festivals and has worked as lecturer in several courses and congresses and has published many articles https://dialnet.unirioja.es/servlet/autor?codigo=303638

He is Professor of Acting Systems of the Master’s Degree in Advanced Theatre Studies of UNIR and he has worked in various musical projects such as Just Friends Trio.